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Working Capital Finance Programs


Do you need working capital for growth? Is your money tied up in accounts receivable and inventory instead of working for you today? Need to finance a big (or small) order? We can help.

Do You Send Out Invoices? - we will buy your commercial invoices and give you cash immediately - for up to 93% of the amount of the invoices. This will allow you some financial breathing room and get you the cash you need to pay suppliers, employees, withholding taxes etc. Did you know that most suppliers will give you a 2% discount if you pay them within 10 days? Not only that, you will become a preferred customer and establish an excellent credit rating. This feature alone makes it worthwhile to convert invoices to cash.

Credit Rating a Problem? We can work with you to establish an excellent credit rating - in the meantime, your credit rating will not prevent us from getting you the cash you need for your invoices. In this program, we are more interested in the credit rating of your customer.

Cash Tied Up in Inventory? We can finance your inventory, usually on better terms and with more available cash than your bank.

Got An Order and No Cash to Fill It? We would love to help. We can provide order financing to see you through the production stage to delivery and invoicing.

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