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As Business Consultants we provide the following services:

Leasing - Have you ever tried to get your bank to finance your business equipment with zero down payment? Most banks would not even consider this, yet we can offer you 100% financing for just about any type of business equipment. This allows you to conserve your cash for other uses and at the same time, may allow your business to write off 100% of the lease payments.

Govenment Backed Loans - Over 90% of businesses are considered "small businesses" by the government's criteria. If your business has less than 100 employees and does less than $5 million in annual sales, a loan through the government guaranteed loan program may be your best option. We specialize in helping business owners navigate through the maze of government and bank paperwork.

QuickCash - Why wait 30 days for your clients to pay invoices? With Accounts Receivables Factoring you can receive up to 90% of the money due your company in only 2-3 days. Our pool of investors specialize in buying invoices from companies like yours. This can be done regardless of your credit and without the "Personal Guarantee" often required by banks.

Commercial Real Estate Loans - If you are considering the purchase or construction of Commercial Real Estate, we can offer you up to 90% financing and have access to some of the most aggressive programs in the industry. With loan terms up to 25 years you'll be surprised at how easy owning Commercial Real Estate can be.

Purchase Order Finance - We can arrange for financing of purchase orders.

Venture Capital - There are over a thousand venture capital firms in North America who are seeking world class investee companies. We have worked with a number of these. Each one has different criteria for investing. The most effective way in which to attract venture capital financing is to have a targeted approach and and, ideally, an introduction from someone whom the V.C. firm already knows.

Government Backed Loans and Assistance - The Federal and Provincial/State Governments all have a variety of programs designed to stimulate economic activity in one area or another. There are programs for hiring new employees, for carrying out research and development, for exporting products, for borrowing money from commercial banks. We fit the need of the particular company with the best available government program, keeping in mind the overall business plan of the company.

Public Financing - Many companies may find this to be a viable alternative to private financing. The decision to "go public" is one which is made carefully and is a major transaction for a company. While we are not underwriters, we have assisted companies in going public, both on the Canadian and U.S. stock exchanges. There are significant benefits in having experienced people looking after your interests exclusively in selecting and working with the other "going public" team members.

Leveraged Buyouts - The hostile takeovers of the '80's are giving way to the (mostly) friendlier buyouts of the new millenium.. There are numerous financial sources who specialize in financing buyouts of solid companies by leveraging the assets being acquired. We can assist in preparing the package, negotiating the deal and locating the right financing.

Limited Partnerships - This financing technique may be appropriate for a distinct opportunity or project. We have used L.P.'s very successfully over the years and it remains a very useful way in which to finance a company's activities especially for specific projects.

Strategic Alliances - It is sometimes better to attack a particular market with another player on your team. Teaming up with another company who has complementary skills or a stronger financial base is many times better than trying to do it all yourself. Large corporations like to team up with smaller, more agile and entrepreneurial ones to address specific market niches. We can assist in finding the right one for you.

Tax Advantaged Financings - There are still a number of tax advantaged ways in which to finance your company. Typically this removes some of the risk and makes an investment in your firm much more attractive. In many cases, it means the critical difference between getting an investment or not. We have structured and sold numerous tax advantaged investments for client companies.

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