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We have raised millions of dollars in equity over the years. We would be pleased to assist you in raising money for your company. We operate on a fee for service basis and can assist and coach you in preparing a business plan and presenting the plan to appropriate sources of capital. If this is an area we can assist you in, please call or email with your requirements.

I would recommend you read the book, Commando Financing,.. How To Finance Your Dream With Other People's Money by William Baker, C.A. It provides an excellent guide on how to raise equity funds for your business.

You Need A Business Plan!

One of the most important tools for raising equity is a properly prepared business plan. Rather than creating it from scratch, I'd suggest you use the best business plan software out there - BizPlanBuilder

This is a proven software product that does a superb job of getting you through the whole business plan maze.

Check Out BizPlanBuilder Right Now!

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