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Corporate Info

The Company

Willabeth Capital Corporation was incorporated in 1976. Since that time, the company has participated in a wide variety of financial transactions both as principal and as consultant in numerous industrial sectors including telecommunications, computer software/hardware, robotics, real estate, construction, media and publishing, medical, biotech and internet. The company has raised in excess of $100 Million for client companies from private and public sources.

Consulting Staff

William D. Baker, C.A. , the Company's principal consultant, is a graduate from McGill University (Commerce) and has a Chartered Accountant designation (equivalent to a CPA in the U.S.). He has worked for and consulted to a number of leading edge companies in aviation, real estate, computer hardware and software, robotics, publishing, medical, telecommunications and internet software. He has also been the V.P Finance for a high profile venture capital company.

Other Members of the Team - The company's other associates have hands on experience in assisting clients meet their financing needs. They cover a variety of specialties including leasing, real estate, accounts receivable and term lending.

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